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The XERVON group is fully committed to operating in free markets. The Competition Act plays an important role in protecting fair competition and preventing distortion of the market.

The XERVON group has zero tolerance for corruption.

Companies must comply with freedom of association and the real recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

Put an end to all forms of forced labor,

Effectively end child labor and

Put an end to discrimination related to employment and occupation.

Companies must support a precautionary principle when it comes to environmental challenges

Take initiatives to promote increased responsibility towards the environment and

Encourage the development and spread of environmentally friendly technology.

Companies must oppose all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

The five principles for good business management, in short version

First business principle 
Fair competition - No illegal cartels

XERVON Group is fully committed to free markets. The Competition Act plays an important role in protecting fair competition and preventing distortion. 

Second business principle
Integrity in our business operations - No corruption 

XERVON Group has zero tolerance for corruption.

Third business principle
Focus on the best for the company - No conflict of interest

All employees must always keep their private interests separate from those of the company. Any actual or perceived conflict between corporate and private interests must be absolutely avoided. Potential conflicts of interest should be resolved by raising the matter with your supervisor.

Fourth business principle
Full cooperation with the authorities - No false information 

The company seeks to maintain constructive cooperation with all relevant authorities while safeguarding our own interests and rights.

Fifth business principle
Respect for human rights and fair working conditions - no compromises. 

Our company respects human rights and labor legislation in all countries - without exception. 

In addition, XERVON has developed ethical guidelines that describe how the company's employees are expected to act in their work for XERVON. The ethical guidelines contain principles for business operations in XERVON, guidelines for personal behavior and examples that show what is acceptable in practice.

Activity and reporting obligation

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